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Breast milk is the most important factor in completing the development of a newborn baby and strengthening the immune system. Babies fed with breast milk complete their development in a healthier way and gain natural immunity against diseases. According to experts, it is recommended not to give any food source other than breast milk, especially in the first six months after birth.

With the vitamins and minerals in breast milk, it is definitely not found in nature. For this reason, all the nutrients that a baby will need are in breast milk. Babies can get all the nutrients they need from breast milk until they reach their water needs. In addition, the natural bond between mother and baby during breastfeeding strengthens the relationship between mother and baby.

Benefits of First Breast Milk

In the first three days after birth, breast milk is yellow in color and has a thicker consistency. The milk that comes in between these first three to four days is called colostrum. The milk that comes in the next process is called mature milk. Especially the colostrum milk that comes after birth is very useful and babies should definitely take this milk.

Breastfeeding can be difficult at first, as many babies do not develop a sucking reflex in the postpartum period. For the development of the sucking reflex, the recommendations of the experts should be listened to carefully. Again, if breastfeeding does not occur, the milk expressed by milking should be stored in environmentally friendly breast milk storage bags and given to the baby at regular intervals. This milk is very important for the protection of the newborn baby from common diseases such as jaundice.

Benefits of Breast Milk

Breast milk is definitely the most nutritious product for babies, thanks to the nutritional elements such as fat, vitamins, protein, and iron in the content of breast milk. According to experts, there is no need to give water to the baby in the first six months. Because there is enough water and vitamins in breast milk to meet the needs of a baby. For this reason, even in the hottest climates, babies can meet their water needs thanks to breast milk.

Experts recommend expressing breast milk and storing milk with suitable reusable breast milk storage containers for cases where breastfeeding cannot be performed. In this way, the baby is provided with continuous access to breast milk, while the mother is prevented from experiencing pain due to the inability to breastfeed. While breast milk meets all the nutritional needs of babies, it also provides the body’s protection against diseases.

Suggestions for Mothers Having Problems in Breastfeeding

While breastfeeding is an important element for the development of the baby, it is important for the development of the bond between the mother and the baby. However, mothers may always have difficulties in breastfeeding their babies in cases such as an illness or working. Working mothers have to start work after a certain month because their maternity leave ends.

A few hours of milk leave is not enough either. For such cases, environmentally friendly breast milk storage bags are used. With milking, both the mother does not suffer from not being able to breastfeed, and the babies can access fresh breast milk during the day even if their mothers are not with them.

Breastfeeding is not recommended in some disease states, except for working conditions, in order not to transmit the disease, especially by close contact. In such cases, milk can be expressed and stored with a glass or silicone breast milk storage bag.

What is Breast Milk Storage Bag?

Breast milk is an important and even the only source of nutrition for babies in certain periods. This is why mothers who have breastfeeding problems or who have problems with breastfeeding due to reasons such as work or illness express their milk and keep it in storage bags. Breast milk storage bags or containers have been developed to keep breast milk fresh for a long time.

Thanks to reusable storage bags, you can protect your pocket, milk, and nature. With environmentally friendly breast milk storage bags, mothers not only ensure that their babies have access to healthy breast milk at all times but also help them to leave a cleaner nature in the future.

Types of Breast Milk Storage Containers

Thanks to their special structures, breast milk storage containers ensure that breast milk is stored without damaging its composition. These bags can be stored in the freezer or refrigerator, as they are environmentally friendly as well as baby-friendly. It is available in washable and reusable containers and washable bags made of materials such as glass and silicone to store breast milk.

Reusable storage containers can be washed and used over and over again. Thanks to the reusable glasses, you can wash these products in the dishwasher after using them, then sterilize them in hot water and use them again and again. Reusable breast milk storage containers have been developed for storage in the refrigerator and freezer. In this way, breast milk can be easily stored for use at any time. This is a lifesaver for working mothers and mothers who have problems in breastfeeding.

Glass Storage Containers

Glass is the most easily cleaned product known in nature, and it is the product that best protects the material inside. Glass breast milk storage containers draw attention as the best usable breast milk storage containers. Glass storage containers in different forms and sizes also attract attention as reusable storage containers.

Glass is one of the most preferred product types because it is both healthy and environmentally friendly. Glass breast milk storage containers Thanks to their natural structure, they protect breast milk in the best way, helping babies to have access to clean and fresh breast milk at any time.

Breast Milk Storage Bags

Products used as breast milk storage bags are one of the easiest solutions for storing breast milk in the deep freezer. These specially produced storage bags are among the reusable bags thanks to their washable/cleanable structure. Its ease of transport allows working mothers to express their milk at work and store it for their babies.

With breast milk storage bags, you can easily store your milk for your baby and keep it fresh for a long time. Being reusable helps these bags to provide the least negativity to nature. In this way, you can protect both your baby and nature comfortably.

Silicone Breast Milk Storage Containers

A silicone breast milk storage bag is one of the most effective ways to store breast milk. The silicone breast milk storage bag not only ensures the healthy preservation of breast milk but also allows it to be easily stored in the freezer or refrigerator.

Reusable silicone storage bags are dishwasher-safe. In addition, being resistant to high temperatures also facilitates the sterilization process.

Breast Milk Is Always With Your Baby

Breastfeeding of infants may be delayed due to the mother’s work and health reasons. Milking machines and breast milk storage products can be used safely in order not to encounter these reasons or to facilitate the access of babies to breast milk even if encountered. Thanks to breast milk storage bags or containers, even if mothers are away from their babies, their milk will always be by their side.

Breast milk, which is necessary for the healthy feeding of babies, can be easily stored and used by heating it whenever desired. These products protect both the health and future of babies. Healthy-fed babies have a strong immune system. In addition, reusable breast milk storage containers are environmentally friendly, protecting the future of our babies.

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