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How to Put a 9-Month-Old Baby to Sleep?




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As a mother and an advocate for Montessori education, I understand the intricacies of a baby’s sleep patterns, especially at 9 months.

This article is designed to help parents find gentle and effective ways to help their 9-month-old babies sleep better.


Key Takeaways

  • Establish a regular nap routine during the day.
  • Understand the role of separation anxiety in sleep patterns.
  • Ensure the baby doesn’t need nighttime feeding and can sleep 11-12 hours.
  • Address habitual nighttime awakenings with patience and effort.
  • Ensure a comfortable sleep environment.

Establishing a Daytime Nap Routine

The Importance of Regular Naps

At this age, babies typically take two naps a day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Around 12 months is a critical period in a newborn’s development, where behaviors like refusing to sleep or difficulty in falling asleep can be observed.

Addressing Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can significantly impact sleep. Some babies might experience it mildly, while others more intensely, affecting their ability to fall asleep.

Nighttime Sleeping Tips

Ensuring a Comfortable Sleep Environment

Ask yourself these questions to ensure the baby’s comfort:

  • Is the baby hungry?
  • Is the room temperature appropriate?
  • Does the baby have gas?
  • Is the diaper dry and clean?
  • Are there any disturbing smells in the sleep environment?
  • Is the level of light or noise disturbing?

Common Reasons Why Babies Don’t Sleep

  • Gas: Make sure the baby is burped.
  • Hunger: Ensure the baby is not hungry.
  • Clothing: Avoid clothes that are too tight or too loose.
  • Undetected Health Issues: Look out for symptoms like stomach pain or the onset of a cold.
  • Breathing Difficulty: Ensure the baby’s nose is not blocked.
  • New Environment: If in a new place, strengthen the bond with the baby through close contact and affection.

Tips for Better Sleep Quality

  • Darkness: Ensure the room is sufficiently dark.
  • Scents: Avoid strong scents, including fabric softeners, perfumes, or lotions.
  • Mother’s Voice: Lullabies and close contact can be comforting.
  • Physical Comfort: Gently stroke the baby’s hair or rub their back.
  • Bottle and Breastfeeding: For colic, choose bottles that don’t cause gas and maintain proper breastfeeding positions.


Understanding and catering to a 9-month-old’s sleep need can be challenging but rewarding. By creating a conducive sleep environment and being attuned to your baby’s needs, you can help them (and yourself) enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

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